Thursday, March 1, 2012

My quest to find 620 film spools for you...

A couple of customers have sent in 620 film to us here at that had what appeared to be brand new plastic 620 spools in them. They really made me do a double take... so, I sent e-mails to both customers and one really didn't seem to know, but the other pointed me to B&H Photo where she had bought her 620 film. I went to B&H's website, but only found 620 film - no spools. But wait! There's a chat feature! How handy!

This is a transcript of my conversation:

You have been connected to Christina S. 
Christina S: Hello Jake. My name is Christina, and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry. 
Jake: Hi. 
Jake: I work for and -- we're a mail-order film processing company. 
Jake: One of my customers sent in a roll of 620 film that had a brand new looking plastic 620 spool in it. 
Jake: I asked and they said they bought the film from you. 
Christina S: We do carry a couple 620 film stocks, though I'm not finding any 620 spools in our inventory: 
The agent is sending you to
Jake: Yes. I tried that. I saw the respooled film that you sell as well... 
Jake: Would there be some way to find out where those spools come from? 
Jake: If you guys were to offer them, I'm sure people would buy them. We don't really sell film ourselves, so I'm not looking for us... more for a place to send customers who ask. 
Christina S: Unfortunately, we don't sell them. To the best of my knowledge they aren't be made any more, so the used market would be your best bet for this. 
Jake: Exactly what I thought... but these plastic spools are confounding. The old spools one finds are metal. 
Jake: Not a big deal. Thank you for looking. 
Christina S: We must have found a random stock. You're Welcome. Thank You for chatting with B&H. Enjoy the rest of your day! 
Your session has ended.

My session and my search have sadly ended... If anyone else sees these around, let us know and we will share!


  1. You get them from 620 film from the 80s/90s I have some kodacolor VR 620 film and it uses a plastic spool.

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  3. Are they different from FPP 620 spools?