Monday, November 28, 2011

Analog Ambassador submissions... long delayed...

We'd like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who submitted entries for the Analog Ambassador contest! This has been a long delayed posting, but we thought we should share the entries and let everyone take a peek at some of the great entries!

Today we'll share the entries that sadly didn't win, but some of them are quite good! Later this week we'll post the 5 Ambassador entries that made the final cut!

First, I would like to present the submissions that made it to the final round of voting on Believe in Film (not including the winner...):

Victoria B.:
Hana K.:
Arianne Angela S.:
Tim W.:

Here are the entries that didn't make the first cut (as voted by our jury of employees and associates):

Rubi A.: 
Denvie B.:
Cristen B.:
Danielle C.:
Angelo C.:
Camille G.:
Shannon G.:
Anna H.:
Thomas H.:
Ann N.:
Olivia N.:
Abigail N.:
Yovanka P.:
Kaspars S.:
Sarah S.:
Chris U.:

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